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Amiga CD32 Multi Game Disc Vol 1

Amiga CD32 Multi Game Disc Vol 1

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This is a Reproduction of Multi Game Disc Vol 1 for Amiga CD32.

Artwork is printed on high quality photo paper and discs are printed onto directly and are high gloss. No disc labels used.

Contains 50 CD32 games on 1 CD!

These are the exact CD32 game files and not Amiga versions run through WHDLoad, so they will behave and have the same controls and save functions as the original CD32 disc would do.

Games on the disc;

OCS - 26 (346MB)
Akira - 8.2mb
Alien Breed SE / Qwak - 4.4mb
All Terrain Racing - 1.2mb
Arabian Nights - 1.6mb
*Battle Chess - 5.7MB
Battletoads - 1.7mb
Brutal : Paws Of Fury - 1.2mb
Cannon Fodder - 2.4mb
Cedric And The Lost Sceptre - 4.6mb
Chuck Rock - 1.7mb
Darkseed - 18.1mb
Deep Core - 4.7mb
Defender Of The Crown 2 - 54mb
Fire Force - 1.8mb
Fly Harder - 1.3mb
Gulp! - 2.2mb
*Hero Quest 2 - Legacy of Sorasil - 2.2MB
Lamborghini American Challenge - 1.5mb
Lost Vikings, The - 1.5mb
Manchester United Premier League Champions - 129mb
Premiere - 2.5mb
Project X SE / F17 Challenge - 9.2mb
*Sensible Soccer EC - 1.2MB
Superfrog - 4mb
Syndicate - 2.9mb
*Worms - 78.5MB

AGA - 24 (269MB)
D/Generation - 1.7mb
*Dennis - 1.7MB
Fears - 2.6mb
Fields Of Glory - 3.1mb
*Flink - 1.5MB
Gloom - 1.5mb
Jungle Strike - 5.6mb
Morph - 1.5mb
Nick Faldo's Championship Golf - 4.2mb
*Oscar - 4.1mb
Overkill / Lunar-C - 3.8mb
PGA European Tour Golf - 1.2mb
Quik : The Thunder Rabbit - 6.7mb
Roadkill - 30.5mb
Sabre Team - 6.2mb
Speris Legacy, The - 4.8mb
Strip Pot 3mb
Super League Manager - 1.7mb
Theme Park - 52.6mb
Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Pinball - 2.2mb
Total Carnage - 2.2mb
Ultimate Super Skidmarks - 91.7mb
Vital Light - 3.8MB
Wendetta 2175 - 34.2mb

* = CD audio not included

Known Issue's;
Premier - won't load to title screen if you have FastRAM.
Syndicate - won't play intro if you have FastRAM, but can be skipped to main menu.

Available in the following options:

- DVD case, artwork and disc

-Jewel case, artwork and disc

More pictures to be added soon.

All discs tested before dispatch.

Please note that these discs will work with no modification to your console.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.