Amiga CD32 Multi Game Disc Vol 2

Amiga CD32 Multi Game Disc Vol 2

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This is a Reproduction of Multi Game Disc Vol 2 for Amiga CD32.

Artwork is printed on high quality photo paper and discs are printed onto directly and are high gloss. No disc labels used.

Another 50 CD32 games crammed on one disc! Obviously no CD audio is included but everything else is as per the original discs.

OCS - 17 (40MB)
*Base Jumpers - 2.3MB
Beavers - 6MB
*Benefactor - 2.4MB
*Bubba 'N' Stix - 1.9MB
Chambers Of Shaolin - 0.8MB
*Chuck Rock II - 11.3MB
Frontier : Elite 2 - 0.7MB
John Barnes European Football - 1.2MB
*Kingpin - 1MB
Last Ninja 3 - 1.7MB
Mean Arenas - 1.7MB
Myth - 2.6MB
*Sensible Soccer International - 1.2MB
Seven Gates Of Jambala 0.7MB
Striker - 0.6MB
*Super Methane Bros - 2.1MB
*Wild Cup Soccer - 1.2MB

AGA - 33 (603MB)
*Arcade Pool - 1.1MB
*Banshee - 2.8MB
*Brutal Football - 6.3MB
*Clue, The - 4.3MB
*Death Mask - 1.8MB (Turn CD music off in menu)
*Diggers - 22.2MB
*Fire And Ice - 2MB
*Fury Of The Furries - 6MB
*Gunship 2000 - 35.8MB
*Impossible Mission 2025 - 107MB
International Open Golf - 3.3MB
*Kid Chaos - 5.7MB
*Legends - 4.3MB
*Litil Divil - 26.2MB
Naughty Ones - 1.7MB
Out To Lunch - 1.9MB
*Pinball Fantasies - 3.9MB
*Pinball Illusions - 5.2MB
*Pirates Gold! - 24.6MB
Rise Of The Robots - 14.2MB
*Seek And Destroy - 4.2MB
*Shadow Fighter - 5.9MB
*Skeleton Krew - 4.3MB
*Sleepwalker - 10.4MB
Soccer Superstars - 1.7MB
*Speedball II - 1.3MB
*Summer Olympix - 1.6MB
Star Crusader - 254MB
Subwar 2050 - 3.8MB
*Trolls - 4.2MB
UFO: Enemy Unknown - 5.7MB
*Ultimate Body Blows - 14.6MB
*Whale's Voyage - 8.9MB

* = missing CD audio

Available in the following options:

- DVD case, artwork and disc

-Jewel case, artwork and disc

More pictures to be added soon.

All discs tested before dispatch.

Please note that these discs will work with no modification to your console.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.